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Quantum Kopfschutz XP


Der QUANTUM XP ist ein exzellenter und patentierter Quantum Sparring Kopfschutz von höchster Qualität, in technisch innovativer Form und in futuristischem Quantum Design.


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The QUANTUM XP is a patented high-tech sparring headgear of the latest generation, in a technically innovative form and in a futuristic design.
Created on the basis of decades of experience, the latest technical standards and combined through innovation, safety, functionality, and design in a headgear.

- Made by a piece of highly flexible and tear-resistant high-tech foam.
- Optimum fit that can be perfectly adapted to almost any head.
- Very good damping properties of the material for maximum safety. 
- The structure of the headgear guarantees unrestricted vision and hearing. 
- Many well-distributed openings ensure very effective cooling of the head.
- A sweat groove on the inside of the headgear moves sweat away from the face.
- Easily and quickly washable under running water and easy to disinfect.
- Three interchangeable Velcro straps in 4 lengths offer perfect size adjustment.
- Skin-friendly, odorless and hypoallergenic.
- Color: Blue

S - Head circumference 52cm - 55cm
M - Head circumference 56cm - 58cm
L - Head circumference 59cm - 62cm
XL - Head circumference 63cm – 65cm

CE tested
EU REACH - Compliant

The QUANTUM XP is headgear made in Austria that meets the highest standards of quality, safety, functionality, and comfort.
It is pioneering in martial arts head protection development and already meets tomorrow's standards today.

MAXIMUM PROTECTION WITH OPTIMUM VISIBILITY - QUANTUM XP is a worldwide unique, patented sparring head protection with an absolutely innovative and technically exceptional structure that combines maximum protection with an optimal field of vision. Thanks to a very thick foam layer, it offers full protection of the nose, cheekbones, forehead and the sides of the head, i.e. the most vulnerable regions of the head. Thanks to special, innovative recesses on the side of the head and below on the cheekbone elements, it also enables the best possible field of vision downwards and to the sides. The ingenious thing about it is that these two properties can only be combined in the Quantum XP Sparring headgear. In a conventional PU or leather headgear it is technically impossible to achieve the best protection and the best field of vision at the same time. So you can buy a traditional sparring headgear that offers either good protection and a very limited field of vision, or you can buy headgear with good field of vision but very poor protection, but never both. 

IDEAL FIT - The fit of the QUANTUM XP headgear is innovative and revolutionary because it was designed so that the shape of the headgear fits a wide range of head sizes in a single size. Starting with children with a head circumference of only 52cm up to adults with larger heads, up to 65cm circumference, it can be perfectly adjusted. The headgear can be bought for a child, for example, and it "grows" with the young fighter over the years, because it can always be adapted to the ever-growing head shape. All you have to do is change the interchangeable Velcro straps to the next size up every few years. A single headgear can also be used by several people with different head sizes without any problems. All you have to do is change the Velcro straps and you can turn an S headgear into an M, L, or XL headgear. 
In addition, the shape of the Quantum head protection is slightly oval according to the shape of the human head. As a result, the headgear lies directly against the head with the entire surface, which means that the entire force of a blow is optimally distributed over the entire head surface. 

PERFECT FIT - The Quantum RV & XP headgear can be fitted to almost any head shape with exceptional precision. The innovation in these headgears comes from the use of five independent adjustment options that make the Quantum RV & XP headgears unique in the world. With this revolutionary solution one can achieve more than 100 adjustment variations in a single Quantum headgear:
- Three interchangeable Velcro straps, which are available in 4 sizes, result in 4³ = 64 different adjustment options, - A headgear top that can be adjusted up and down enables a large number of further adjustments on the top of the head - A flexible foam from which the head protection is made enables an adjustment to the millimeter to even the smallest bumps on the head. 
The headgear is always supplied with 3 Velcro straps in the same size, but if you want to achieve a more precise adjustment, you can buy the interchangeable Quantum Velcro straps separately in four different sizes. For example, someone with a long but narrow head can put a band in the chin area in the size L, in the upper head area in S and in the lower one in M in order to achieve an individually perfect adjustment of the headgear. Someone with a flatter but broader head can, for example, put a band of size L in the upper part of the head, XL in the lower part of the head and M under the chin. In addition, the top of the headgear can be adjusted up or down as required and by pulling on the Velcro straps stretch the flexible foam to perfect the fit. 
The conventional PU, leather or foam head protectors usually only have one or two Velcro straps, which only offer one or two adjustment options.
In the best case, such head protectors have a third adjustment option by means of a simple lacing on the top of the head. In short: Only the Quantum RV & XP headgear can offer such a perfect fit to almost any head shape thanks to a multitude of adjustment variations.

OPTIMAL DAMPING - The foam from which the QUANTUM XP headgear is made is highly elastic and stretchable and is characterized by very good damping properties. When adjusting by tightening the Velcro straps, the material stretches so that the interior surface of the headgear adapts very precisely to the shape of the wearer's head. Therefore, there are no voids between the head and the headgear, which would impair the protection and cushioning properties of the headgear. This guarantees the best possible protection and optimal shock absorption. 

NO SLIPPING - Thanks to a perfect fit in combination with three removable and separately adjustable Velcro straps and the finely roughened and non-slip interior surface, the Quantum RV headgear sits firmly on the head and does not slip. 

FREE FIELD OF VIEW - The QUANTUM XP headgear is equipped with a special sweat groove that runs on the inside of the head protection, just above the eyebrows and drains the sweat laterally. As a result, no annoying sweat flows into the eyes and the fighter's field of vision always remains free. 

UNRESTRICTED HEARING - The QUANTUM RV headgear has special indentations and openings for the ears on both interior sides, which prevent the ear cups from being painfully crushed. These innovative indentations and openings guarantee not only absolute comfort for the ears but above all, unrestricted hearing.  

OPTIMAL COOLING - Openings distributed very well over the entire headgear guarantee optimal air circulation and thus cool the head very effectively.  

EASY TO CLEAN - Thanks to the new material, which hardly absorbs water at all, the head protection can be cleaned and disinfected very quickly and easily by washing under running water and with common detergents. Afterwards it is as good as new – odorless and new. 

MADE IN AUSTRIA - to guarantee the highest European quality.
All materials used for the headgear are tested according to strict EU REACH guidelines, are harmless to humans and can be recycled in an environmentally friendly way. The foam has also been checked using an "Epicutaneous test" and is proven to be skin-friendly and hypoallergenic.
Größe S oder M oder L oder XL
Farbe Blau




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