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Quantum Boxpratzen RX6 Leder

Artikelnummer: QPMRX6-S-L

Ausgezeichnete Quantum Lange Boxpratzen von höchster Qualität, in idealer Form, großartiger Funktionalität und in unverwechselbarem Quantum Design.


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Excellent Quantum Lange punching pads of the highest quality, in an ideal shape, great functionality and in the unmistakable Quantum design.

Die QUANTUM RX6 Langen Boxpratzen sind perfekte Hybrid Pratzen, die dazu entwickelt wurden um sowohl Boxtechniken wie auch Kicks, Knie- und Ellbogen-Techniken trainieren zu können.


- Made of very thick and robust buffalo leather for extreme loads during training.

- 5-layer foam core for optimal balance of firmness and damping properties.

- Compact shape, ideal for a very wide range of applications.

- Special protection over the hand significantly reduces the risk of hand injuries.

- Glove with finger openings plus openings on both sides of the pad for effective hand cooling.

- Extra wide and long Velcro strap for a firm hold in the wrist.

- Extra reinforced and double-stitched at critical points.

- Size 30x19x7cm / Weight per boxing pad approx. 0.7kg.

- Color: Black.

- Sold in pairs.

 * The QUANTUM RX6 punching pads are high-end pads designed for extremely heavy loads during training. They are typical hybrid pads that combine the properties and functionality of the classic boxing pads with Thai pads. They are significantly larger, thicker and heavier than classic boxing pads, which are only intended for boxing techniques, but are slightly smaller than Thai pads, which are mainly used for kicks. In contrast to Thai pads, which are attached to the forearms, the long boxing pads are worn on the hands, which enables faster changing of positions compared to the much larger and heavier Thai pads. The extra long shape of these punching pads not only covers the palms of the hands but also part of the forearms. As a result, the high power of kicks is not only absorbed by the hands but primarily by the forearms and thus reduces excessive strains on the wrists. The main function and the biggest advantage of the long boxing pads is that they can be used for fast boxing techniques as well as hard kicks, elbow, and knee techniques. Instead of having to buy boxing and Thai pads, you can save a lot of money and buy a pair of the long boxing pads because they combine the functions of both training devices. 

 *The Quantum RX6 long punching pads have an extremely effective 5-layer foam core, which consists of the best cushioning foams that optimally absorb the high power of punches and kicks and thus prevent excessive strain on the hands and wrists. In the lower part of the pad there is an extra thick and soft foam padding under the wrist, which is specially designed to provide additional protection for the wrists. A special foam protection is attached over the hand as well as over the wrist, which significantly reduces the risk of injury to them in the event of accidental hits and kicks on the side of the hand.  

 * The optimal, slightly curved shape of the Quantum RX6 long punching pads is very well adapted to the shape of the hands and forearms. As a result, these pads guarantee the best possible handling during training. At the same time, the shape was developed to be able to intercept a series of boxing punches as well as kick combinations with shins and knees or elbow techniques in the best possible way. 

 * A special protection directly above the palm and the wide Velcro strap on the wrist keep the hand firmly in the pad and thus create a very stable and optimal position of the hand in a straight line with the forearm. From a medicinal point of view, this posture is the most effective one, as it prevents one-sided strain on the wrists and thus enables injury-free training with these long boxing pads. It is clear that for Quantum innovation means: the functionality of the product must go hand in hand with the health of the athletes and trainers. 

 The QUANTUM RX6 punching pads are perfect hybrid pads that have been developed to train boxing techniques as well as kicks, knee, and elbow techniques.

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